Aby Clay, born in the 1980’s, focuses on creating unique quotes, shapes and typefaces, using predominantly gold and silver, throughout out her range. She started out working for a local firm, where she designed seasonal greetings cards.

As a mother to three young boys, the flexible working hours suited her, but she felt that she could do more with her artistic talents. She left her job and attended an art school where she developed a love for edgy and unique quotes and typefaces. Her inspiration comes from the time spent doodling with her children, witty jokes and her obsession of metallic colours.

You know you love it. You’ve seen it everywhere. It’s all over the internet. You can’t walk down a high street without seeing chalk boards or shop windows covered with oh-so-trendy type and graphics. We’ve mixed that visual thinking with cutting edge foiling techniques to bring you Hipster Foil!