Erin Fuller was born in Manchester in the 1980’s. Erin studied art at Manchester university and then found work as a freelance artist. In her spare time, she likes nothing more than scouring the culture of the city and it’s rich industrial heritage. Her inspirations come from the culture of the city that she has grown up in. This includes the visual structure of the buildings that surround her.

In her very first range, curated for, Grids and Shapes is a range which is not to be missed! It is a range which consists of deceptively simple abstract art in a variety of complimenting tones and colour sets. Erin uses the visual structure of a grid to re-invent key modernist paintings and works of graphic designs. The range is filled with simple forms of rectangles, circles, and squares. The uncomplicated and classic shapes overlay and intersect with one another, in order to create a series of harmonious graphic pieces.