Vintage Dictionary – A new range for

Vintage Dictionary is a range which is exclusive to! Following on from our previous, successful Dictionary range  – this time it is bigger and better! We revisit our Vintage Dictionary series and the focus has shifted from Banksy prints to classic vintage objects. A collection of treasured memorabilia – some made of obsolete objects and some of newer technology.

About the range

Vintage Dictionary created by Jak Lowe. Jak is a Canadian-born artist, who now lives and works in London. He moved to the capital city to take over his parents small family bakery in the heart of the city. He concentrates on his art pieces in his spare time. The cycle to work in the mornings is when he gains most of the inspiration for his work – he finds the sunrise and traffic surrounding London soothing and inspiring.  The hustle and bustle of the London life is what he loves best!  His work takes inspiration and themes from the past – he is a huge lover of wartime memorabilia and his art focuses on the past life of these objects. He channels his energy into the family’s that owned them and the memories that are associated with them. His lifestyle is highly contrasted with his style and themes featured in his portfolio.

Finally, the range features a variety of objects including old books, leather satchels and disgruntled teddy bears, discarded in cases. They are overlaid on a stained dictionary background and as a result, they have that  ‘old’ feel! We can only guess at who owned these objects and their families and the memories associated with them. They definitely don’t make them like they used to!

You can check out this fascinating range online now!